Next Meeting, Saturday 1st December 2018, 1:00 – 3:00 pm

Stannington Library Creative Writing Group began September 2015. Since then we have self-published three anthologies and jointly published a Christmas Anthology with our Sister Group Ecclesfield Library Creative Writers.

We all want to write, but some of us are further along on our journey than others. We are not a writing course, and while peer critique and advice are always available we do not teach creative writing.

If you would like to come along, feel free to turn up on the day. New members are welcome and the first session is free, so you can see what we are like. After that, there is no membership fee, just pay for the sessions you attend.

We are an adult writer’s group. No dogs except assistance dogs. There is wheelchair access and a disabled toilet.

The library standard services are not available during the writer’s group, so you will be unable to checkout or return items.

The images used on this site are from Pixabay. These images do not require attribution, but I think it only fair that the photographers/artists receive some recognition. If you need some images, please go and look them up.

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The Latestannthology Available Now

The third Stannthology in the series of anthologies.

The latest book to come from the Stannington Library Creative Writing Group. Available to buy or loan from Stannington Library or from

All proceeds from the book will go towards the running of the Library.

Stannington Writers Group Publications

Our writers’ group anthologies are available on Kindle or in print from Amazon store fronts worldwide. The proceeds from the sales go to the library. Join the group and be part of our publications.

Click on an image to link to the book. Please buy our books and comment on the stories. We would love feed back. Or email us feedback at Thanks.



Jointly with Ecclesfield Library Writers Group (Proceeds shared between libraries)

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